Tuesday, 9 April 2013

PLAYING THE PART: Orrin Scott-Stewart on his passion for the stage, his complex new role, and future plans

TAKING THE LEAD: "I am now stretching myself as an actor."

After several years trapped in the confines of musical theatre, Orrin Scott-Stewart is finally getting to show some range by starring in all kinds of grown-up drama, thanks to David Tulloch. In Tulloch's new love-and-relationship effort, Paternal Instinct (premiering this weekend in Kingston), Scott-Stewart is Mark, a hardworking man determined to make it work with his sweetheart, in spite of all the hurdles standing between them and their happiness. TALLAWAH rang up the 32-year-old Wolmers' old boy to talk about roles, honesty, and what he really plans to do with his future: 

TALLAWAH: Did you draw from your own real-life relationships in portraying Mark? How did you approach the role? 
Scott-Stewart: Once you find out who exactly the character is and how they behave, then you can incorporate aspects of your own life into the role. I definitely draw from real-life experiences when I'm playing a role, especially this one. What I try to do is put myself in the situation and how I'd handle it, and then modify it based on who the character is. 

You've done a lot of musical theatre over the years. Do you miss the whole song-and-dance aspect of the performing arts? 
That used to be my bread and butter, and I kinda miss the complexity of that kind of theatre because I started out doing productions with the JMTC. But now I am stretching myself as an actor. 

Where do you see yourself within the next five-to-10 years? 
Professionally, I want to continue doing some great acting work in theatre. And hopefully by that time I'll be married and have started a family of my own. 

So have you found The One? 
Um, I do believe I have found The One, but we're not quite ready yet to have kids. (Laughs). 

What do you hope audiences take away from the experience of seeing Paternal Instinct
I want them to enjoy themselves most of all. But one of the main things that this play explores is the whole idea that honesty is the best policy, and that's something I hope people will come to appreciate. 

Complete this sentence: Orrin Scott-Stewart is... 
A man who really enjoys being on the stage.

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