Tuesday, 30 April 2013

THE AGE ISSUE: Regina Beavers dishes on maturity, expanding Live & Revive, and a new day for Miss Jamaica World

SING TO ME, MUSE: The birthday girl gets serenaded by Mario Evon.

At Monday night's incarnation of Live & Revive, Regina Beavers took centrestage. No, she wasn't filling in as the night's headline act. She was invited on-stage by reggae-soul crooner Mario Evon to be serenaded in celebration of her recent birthday. Beavers, who blew out 29 candles the previous day, beamed from ear to ear as Evon delighted her and the attentive crowd with a rendition of "Happy Birthday." By all appearances, Beavers has no qualms about getting older, it's the experiences and the maturity she prizes above all else. 

TALLAWAH: Regina, what's the best thing about turning 29? 
Beavers: It's a great age (Laughs). But I still have one year left before I enter that next phase of my life, so I'm looking forward to turning 30. I see my life like fine wine. I age with time, and I aim to get better. Twenty-nine is that age when you don't feel like you're a child anymore. It's about maturity. 

What's the biggest perk of putting together the weekly Live & Revive package at Macau? 
I feel like its our contribution to the live-music scene. Giving emerging artistes the opportunity to showcase their talents, and have the patrons enjoy the show every week. I feel like that's the biggest perk. 

In what ways have you seen the series grow over the course of the last seven weeks? 
Oh, wow. It's just been amazing. It's almost like a rose, you know. You plant it, it's watered, and you toil and you toil to make it get better. The results have been great and to see people coming to support, we give thanks for that. So it's like, Wow, we're almost at 10 weeks. The time is going by so quickly, but the experience has just been amazing. 

What's up next for the series? Does the team have any expansion plans? 
We do, we do. We're going to take a break, and then start back the series in a few months. Probably with a few tweaks and some new additions to the concept, because with Live & Revive you can revive anything. 

You're a member of the organizing committee for this year's Miss Jamaica World pageant. How do you feel about Laura Butler taking over as franchise-holder? 
I am completely and utterly happy for her, and to be working with her again. When I won Miss Jamaica World in 2001, she was my pageant director. And it was a great time working with her; she taught me everything I know. So the work that is to come with this year's pageant, I'm really looking forward to it.

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