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WORKING GIRL: Keisha Patterson riffs on feeling the baby fever, prepping her next album, and her dynamic new stage role

ONLY YOU: Patterson (portraying Martina) gets her man in Paternal Instinct.

With a body of work that spans the realms of showbiz, TV and the music industry, Keisha Patterson remains an adorable blend of mega-sized talent, infectious spark, and fierce intelligence that collectively pay tribute to her impeccable upbringing while confirming what we've long suspected: she's destined to enjoy a long and fruitful career in the arts. 

Following recent roles in Mr. & Mrs. Blacke and Wine & Roses, Patterson can presently be seen bringing the drama in Paternal Instinct (playing at New Kingston's Pantry Playhouse), opposite Orrin Scott-Stewart and Stephanie Hazle. TALLAWAH caught up with the diva backstage: 

TALLAWAH: It's such a cliche to say that Jamaican actresses of a certain age don't always get great roles, but you seem to be working a lot lately. 
Patterson: I know. I'm so blessed, I can't even imagine it. But I hope the work keeps coming because, as you know, this is really my life. Theatre is really my passion. So I'm just hoping that the success continues. 

In Paternal Instinct, you and your cast-mates have great natural chemistry on stage. How well did you know the other actors prior to working on this production? 
Marsha [Ann Hay] and I go way back. Stephanie, I've known from JMTC. And I knew Orrin and David from before. So I pretty much knew all of them before we came together to do the show. It's amazing. It's great. We're all friends. We hang out, and we gel together very nicely. 

On the musical side of things, what's the latest on your new music and upcoming album? 
I'm still working on the music. The album is almost finished. I have a single out, actually, called "Fall In Love". And even though the album is nearly done, I'm really just concentrating, as well, on theatre right now. I love the theatre too much. It's ridiculous. (Laughs). 
So how would you compare working in theatre to being a part of the music world? And how do you strike a balance between the two? 
It's hard to balance because theatre has been so good to me, and I'm really dedicated to it. I really have to put my all into it, so it consumes me. But on the music side, my producer is working on that. I have done the vocals already, so if I have to do anything else, it's just maybe a little more. So I don't really have to be working on the music side right now. 

Have you selected a title for the CD yet? 
I have a tentative title, which is This Is The Life, but we will see. It will most definitely drop this year. 

I heard you recently got engaged. When is the big day? 
The big day is definitely this year. And you know, as they say, you become your character, and I have a child in this play. So, who knows... 

So with an upcoming album and a fairy-tale wedding on the way, you have so much to look forward to. 
Yup, heeheeheheheheee.... 

Given your gratifying role as a mommy in the new play, do you find yourself feeling more maternal these days? 
Yes, man. Oh, my gosh. And everybody around me is getting pregnant, so I'm really feeling the baby fever. So as soon as I get a break, and if I don't have more work after this, I'll take the big plunge. I'm ready. I'm so ready. It's not even funny. Theatre is really my baby, as well. So it's one or the other. 

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