Monday, 27 May 2013

COURTNEY WALSH AT 50: The Jamaican legend reflects on his illustrious sporting career

AWARD WORTHY: Dixon presents a plaque to the cricket icon.

"Encouraging youngsters has always been a part of my life, and that will always continue," offers Courtney Walsh, minutes after accepting a plaque and accompanying tokens from Wray & Nephew's Gary Dixon to bring the curtains down on last Wednesday's edition of The Contender at the Chinese Benevolent Association. 

Walsh was honoured for, among other things, his sterling achievements as a Jamaican and West Indies cricket legend. As he later told TALLAWAH, being recognized for his contribution to the sport he still loves (he represented the Windies for nearly 20 years) reminds him compellingly of his devotion and commitment to his homeland. 

"I've always been a proud Jamaican, and I've always tried to do good for the region," says Walsh, 50, a member of the rarefied Order of Jamaica (OJ). "That will never change, and to be recognized on an occasion like this is very satisfying. It's reward for the hard work that I put in because I was someone who played the game 100 percent."

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