Thursday, 2 May 2013

EDITOR'S PICKS: Bolt's latest charitable cause + Robert Redford's epic new drama + Chris Brown addresses matters of the heart

The Company You Keep (2013) offers a sharp reminder that the past has a way of catching up with us. In the case of Nick Sloane, 30 years is all it takes. In his heyday, Sloane was part of a revolutionary group of radicals whose members have since gone into hiding, with the FBI (led by the demanding Cornelius, played by Terrence Howard) hot on their trails. Robert Redford, who also directs, is superb as Sloane (now living as lawyer Jim Grant) wanted on a charge of murder stemming from a bank robbery gone horribly wrong. But it's a pushy young New York journalist (a terrific Shia LaBeouf), whose relentless digging ultimately brings the truth to light. Susan Sarandon, Jackie Christie, Stanley Tucci, Anna Kendrick, Jackie Evancho, Richard Jenkins, Chris Cooper and Nick Nolte also give impressive performances in this stirring and well-acted drama about family, confronting your fears, and facing your future with hope and courage. 

On his latest radio-ready single, "I Can't Win," Chris Brown returns to familiar turf: matters of the heart, baring his emotions as he sings about a rocky relationship and being willing to do what it takes to make it work. The consensus: being in love is hard work, but more often that not it's worth that extra effort. And sometimes it simply boils down to this line: "If you love me, better prove it." The song is off Brown's eagerly awaited new album, X, which arrives in stores July 16. 

The perennially altruistic Usain Bolt has offered up a custom-designed and autographed pair of spikes for auction on Ebay (until May 7), in support of the Kingston chapter of the Lay Magistrates Association of Jamaica, which carries out several social-intervention programmes in the Corporate Are. Proceeds will be used to offset the cost of the Association’s grand benefit concert set for May 12 at the Courtleigh Auditorium, as well as to fund the association’s outreach programmes. The concert will feature renowned soul singer, Ben E. King, as well as some of Jamaica’s most talented musicians and artistes. The truly unique spikes also bear the name Ugo, one of Bolt’s aliases, as well as his popular expression, “there can only be one.” Visit Ebay to start bidding now. 

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  1. Does Chris Brown always have to wear white?? Redford's movies are ALWAYS well worth while...