Tuesday, 28 May 2013

LIFE IMITATES ART: Prodigal Son embraces a conscious new vibe

FEELING CHANGE: A bold new look to go with his daring new album.

Dancehall gospel star Calvin 'Prodigal Son' Whilby, like all creative souls who believe in artistic growth, is switching things up to keep his fans intrigued and his critics guessing. 

As he prepares to release his next album (an as-yet-untitled cultural effort), these days the star is sporting a full head of hair and a noticeably more conscious vibe, prompting onlookers to speculate that he's leaving gospel for more mainstream secularism. 

Not so fast, says Whilby. While he's pleased that his latest career move has got people buzzing, the 37-year-old entertainer is quick to to inform TALLAWAH that his roots remain firmly planted in dancehall gospel. But as a growing artist, he explains, he fully subscribes to the idea of embracing and incorporating exciting new elements in his music. Hence, the new cultural abum, which he promises is "one of my best albums to date." 

Meanwhile, in addition to the upcoming CD release, Prodigal (who is currently overseas) is equally anticipating next month's staging of his annual music-and-fellowship extravaganza, Freedom Fest. Stay tuned....

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