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HERO COMPLEX: The World's Fastest Man sounds off on his continued evolution, rising above obstacles, and what the future holds

GIVE THEM A RUN: The star athlete, filming a scene for Chasing Bolt. Below, attending an IAAF press conference in Rome last May.

With timeless all-round appeal, fierce determination, and boundless natural talent, national treasure Usain Bolt is the hottest commodity in global athletics. And he's only 27. It doesn't hurt either that he remains the fastest human being the world has ever seen. But how well do we really know him? How much has he matured over the years? What's his outlook on the future? TALLAWAH went a-hunting, and got the superstar/legend/phenom to respond to the questions we all want the answers to. Below, the first part of our exclusive interview. 

TALLAWAH: You credit a lot of your success to your relationship with your parents. How much are you looking forward to having kids of your own some day? 
Bolt: Yes, definitely my parents played a major role in my success. From an early age my parents instilled the attitude of working hard, dedication, and believing in my ability. Hopefully, one day I will be able to share some of these values with my own kids. 

Who do you feel is the best athlete that ever lived, not including yourself? 
Wow. There are a lot of great athletes, and it's hard for me to pick only one. I think definitely at the head of the list are Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Péle, [and] Tiger [Woods]. 

What do you think is the greatest misconception about you? 
That I am cocky. 

Given their influence and power, do you think superstar athletes should voice their positions on major world issues? 
Every athlete I feel should be entitled to decide if they wish to comment on world issues. I personally try to stay away from the politics of the world and concentrate on my sport. 

Over the course of your career, what was the most difficult situation you've experienced? 
False-starting [at the] 2011 World Championship was one of the most difficult situations for me, and thankfully I was able to bounce back. 

If you didn't get into global athletics, what do you think you'd be doing with your life now? 
I would definitely be in some form of sport. I was a good cricketer before I chose athletics. Sports is in my blood. 
How much, and in what ways, would you say you've evolved as a man since Beijing?
For one, I had to learn to deal with all the fame and glory of success. Also, I had to learn to understand the business of sports, and I think in that sense I have evolved from the person I was in 2008.

What do you want to be doing in 10 years?
Nothing (Laughs). All joke aside, I hope you have a blooming business, with NJ doing all the hard work, and [me] laying on the beach enjoying life. I think I deserve that after all the hard training I have done (Laughs). 

Given your appearance on Saturday Night Live, how do you feel about giving Hollywood a try some day? 
Could see myself in that field.

And, finally, following your athletics career, would you consider getting into politics?
My favourite quote in life is, "Anything is possible."

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  1. I know from direct personal experience that you are the very opposite of cocky. I am tired of explaining this to people overseas who just go by what they think they are seeing on TV. Keep up the good work all round!