Monday, 27 May 2013

LOOKING AHEAD: Jerry D sets his sights on late-night TV gig and leaving a solid legacy

FIGHTING FORM: The broadcaster, photographed in Portmore, St. Catherine.

During our recent wide-ranging and exclusive conversation with Jerry D, who has finally made his long-anticipated return to the airwaves, he hinted at the possibility of developing and hosting a late-night TV gabfest (a la Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmell) aimed, of course, at local audiences. While he hopes to get it off the ground before year-end, the next move is yet to be decided. "There's a certain amount of dialogue that's taking place right now," he explains, "that will hopefully lead to some possibilities." 

Meanwhile, the vibemaster makes it clear that while he takes his work seriously, there has to be room for some semblance of a social life outside the media landscape. "I have a small circle of friends. I like relaxing, and that relaxation could be music, could be simply being home, or could be hanging out with my friends," he says. "And up until recently, I used to love play football. I sustained some kind of injury, so I'm holding out right now. And because of the work now that I have to do, I have to ensure that that comes first." 

And he's very lucid when it comes to the legacy he wants to leave behind. "I want to be remembered as somebody who made a significant impact in some way shape or form on the nation," he says, "utilizing the instrument of influence which is radio and hopefully, down the line, television."

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