Wednesday, 15 May 2013

NEWS & NOTES: I Believe Initiative staying true to its mission + St. Mary Infirmary is the National Labour Day project

PASSION PROJECT: Labour Day and Workers' Week 2013 (May 19-23) are being celebrated under the theme, "Lend a Hand…Build our Land." The national spotlight for Labour Day will be on the St. Mary Infirmary in Port Maria, St. Mary. Culture minister Lisa Hanna made the announcement at Monday's launch at Jamaica House. The infirmary houses 81 persons, 20 of whom are physically and mentally challenged. As such, Hanna pointed out that the project will require many hands and urged volunteers to assist. She emphasised, too, the need to lend a hand to the most vulnerable in society. "Our focus must be on the disabled, the infirm, the weak and helpless, those at risk, children and our senior citizens, if we are to progress into a viable economy and an equitable society," she said. "We have to foster within us a greater love for each other, protecting those in need and caring for those who have served before us." 

CALLED TO SERVE: Armed with the mission of "fixing what is wrong with Jamaica by using what is right with Jamaica", Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen's I Believe Initiative is pulling out all the stops to encourage Jamaicans to believe in themselves. Newly designated project ambassadors include Yohan Blake (above), reggae superstar Patrick "Tony Rebel" Barrett and Love 101's Nadine Blair. "It evokes all sorts of positive emotions to have these three outstanding Jamaicans as mentors in the Initiative," says Sir Allen. "Wherever they go and whatever they do, they will lift the IBI's mantra. Yes! We can fix Jamaica. They, like so many others, are what is right with Jamaica." The number of IBI Ambassadors now total 21, and include a cadre of young professionals who continue to willingly volunteer their time and talents in the activities set out by the programme.

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