Tuesday, 7 May 2013

TALK THAT TALK: Usain Bolt vows to push himself this season + Intuit Concepts issues statement on Miss Universe Jamaica exit

RACE MATTERS: Like a true seasoned pro, the World's Fastest Man on Tuesday afternoon faced a phalanx of journalists during a press conference in the Cayman Islands, where he is set to headline the Cayman Invitational athletic meet on Wednesday. Side-stepping the mild controversy over a misunderstanding about questions media reps were allowed (and not allowed) to ask the sprint legend, Bolt told the gathering that he opted against running at last Saturday's Jamaica International Invitational (JII) out of concern for his hamstring injury, which he didn't wish to aggravate. Feeling much better now, the six-time Olympic gold-medallist says he's looking forward to dominating the season ahead. "It's a long season," remarked the 26-year-old, pictured above with two middle-aged local admirers. "But I'm definitely gonna try and push myself."  

MOVING ON: In a statement released late Tuesday afternoon, Intuit Concepts directors Sean Lyn and Kibwe McGann announced that they will no longer serve as organizers of this year's Miss Jamaica Universe pageant and corresponding activities. "Intuit Concepts had significant plans for this year’s pageant and had no doubt that the event would have been spectacular under our leadership. We would like to thank our sponsors who saw our vision and came on board. However, we would like to inform the public that we will no longer be managing or producing the 2013 pageant and would like to wish the pageant future success," the statement read. "We believe that Miss Universe Jamaica is of significant national value to the development of young women and also the value it offers to its partners and stakeholders. We strongly believe that under the correct leadership this pageant will regain its prestige and the title Miss Universe Jamaica can be something all Jamaicans can be proud of." Interesting.... Stay tuned.

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