Friday, 10 May 2013

TRY THAT, HEAR THIS: How to wake up the creative right brain + The-Dream and Jay-Z team up for new summer anthem

POWER DUO: Grammy-winning multi-tasker The-Dream makes a welcome return to chart-topping form on his irresistible new single, "High Art," a thumping, hip-hop-laced track celebrating the allure of fine women and the sheer appeal of the good life. Jay-Z supplies the slick guest verse that truly elevates the song to bonafide summer-anthem status. Burn! Meantime, it's the latest single off The-Dream's forthcoming fifth album, IV Play, (due out on May 28 from Def Jam) and features collaborations with Kelly Rowland, Big Sean, and Beyoncé. Take a listen to the song HERE

BRAIN POWER: We've heard time and time again that we need to tap into our creative right brains. But how? Expert and author Martha Beck offers a great exercise to get you started: Sign your name. Done? Now, do this: Sign again, but this time do it in mirror writing -- right to left, rather than left to right (just moving your hand backward fires the right brain hemisphere, Beck emphasizes. Got that? Now sign upside down. Then backward and upside down. Repeat this until you can sign in all directions. Best of luck.

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