Thursday, 20 June 2013

ARTS BEAT: The death of novelist C. Everard Palmer + Upcoming theatre workshop to feature showbiz veterans

ISLAND STORYTELLER: With such celebrated novels as A Cow Called Boy and My Father Sun-Sun Johnson, among many others, C. Everard Palmer earned renown as a writer versed in the idiosyncracies of rural life in Jamaica. Palmer, who worked at The Gleaner as a journalist prior to making the leap to novel-writing, passed away in Canada earlier this week at the age of 82. The author came of age in Kendal, Hanover, and his roots certainly informed his brand of vibrant storytelling that offers nostalgic glimpses at the Jamaica of his youth. His books (The Sun Salutes You is a personal favourite) remain highly recommended reading material for local students. 

ON WITH THE SHOW: Here's a fine opportunity to hone your singing, dancing, choreography and acting chops. The Edna Manley College, in partnership with the Global Arts Initiative, is putting on a musical theatre workshop (from July 2 to the 19th), where participants will receive training from a venerable trio of experts, namely former One Life to Live actress Fiona Hutchinson (who partly grew up in Jamaica); Joey Doucette, the world-renowned choreographer who has done work with the Moulin Rouge in Paris; and the college's Dr. Kelli Nelson. Limited space available. Contact 968-0028 or for details.

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