Tuesday, 18 June 2013

COUNTRY STRONG: Donna Duncan-Scott shares her prescription for healing Jamaica

FRAME OF MIND: "When we build on each other, we get extraordinary results."

This past Sunday, Donna Duncan-Scott had the distinction of serving as the first guest on Breaking Through with Beverley, an insightful-inspirational new talk show (moderated by Beverley Manley Duncan), now in its debut season on CVM. The refreshing and wised-up conversation centred on such topics as the secret to the extraordinary success of Jamaica Money Market Brokers (of which she's the long-serving Managing Director) and how the combination of trust and commitment can truly transform Jamaica. Below, excerpts: 

How she manages to keep alive the JMMB vision: "One thing we do at the beginning of every structured meeting is read our vision of love, so we remember what we have declared and what we are standing for, and then we have conversations in the company about what it means to be true to yourself. As a matter of fact, once you're being true to yourself, the vision of love is automatically present." 

What will transform Jamaica into a far better country: "The first thing is recognizing that we are all great. We all have greatness within. And the second thing is to hold each other accountable. If we are to pay attention to the saying that where no offence is meant, none should be taken, there would be far less discord in the country. That way I can relate to the best of you and you can relate to the best of me. When we build on each other, that is how we get extraordinary results. And that's what we want for the country  The bottom line is: if we don't have trust we really can't work together to get the result that we want: a future that's different from the present. The only way to have that is to remember who we are and build the trust in all our relationships.... You really cannot get to real accountability and focusing on results until we get to the trust level and commitment."

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