Friday, 28 June 2013

DESIGNING WOMEN: Two uniquely gifted art-school grads look to make their mark in the wider world

A TOUCH OF MAGIC: Kerecia Bell has found her calling in fantasy art and now has the work to prove it, currently on view in the Final Year Exhibition at the School of Visual Art, Edna Manley College. Specifically, Bell's series is a compilation of Jamaican folklore elements depicted in vibrant, playful imagery, which will appear in a book she's busy preparing for publication. "It's about three siblings going to different parishes in Jamaica and figuring out different characters like the rolling calf, Anancy, and so forth," she explains. "I've always been interested in fantasy art, and I feel that Jamaica is not really on the map where that is concerned. So I would like to make us a part of that genre through my work." As for the road ahead, the 22-year-old Bell confides, "I want to continue expressing myself through art, writing more books and illustrating for publishing companies." 

OLD PRO: Twenty-three year-old graphic designer Kristina Heppell has a soft spot for the elderly. "[They] are a forgotten bunch in society, and I think that as youths we definitely need to pay attention 'cause they do have a lot to offer," explains Heppell, a regular freelancer with a flair for designing logos and whose final year exhibit at the Edna Manley College is an attention-grabbing series of images depicting Jamaicans in golden age, acquaintances and strangers included. "So this display is basically giving them some attention and creating awareness." Looking ahead to life after college, all she wants to do is continue producing work that will not only be appreciated and stand the test of time but also attract potential employers. "Design is something that is always in demand," she says, "so I plan to continue doing that and hopefully get a steady job."

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