Thursday, 13 June 2013

FIRST LOOK: An early peek at two of summer's coolest passion projects

POSITIVE SPIN: "This show is about adding to the development agenda of Jamaica, so we are very pleased to be a part of it," says Jamaica National's Earl Jarrett, referring to the arrival of Breaking Through with Beverley, a fresh and fascinating new talk show (hosted by Beverley Manley Duncan), which will explore such themes as transformation and reform, nation-building and effective relationships, via interviews with outstanding Jamaicans from all walks, including Shaggy, Aubyn Hill, William Mahfood and Donna Duncan-Scott, to name a few. "We are changing the mind of an entire country called Jamaica," explains Manley Duncan (pictured above with Jarrett and Andre Hylton), "and so this half-an-hour family programme is geared at breaking through the barriers of reform and gives you a critical glimpse at transformation." Following a well-supported launch Wednesday at Eden Gardens, the show's debut season premieres Sunday, June 16 at 5:30pm on CVM. 

THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT: Last Christmas, the Expression through Creativity (ETC) crew, led by the diligent Regina Beavers, made a memorable entrance on the local culture calendar with the successful staging of a creative camp for kids. This summer, the ETC is poised to raise the bar with their inaugural summer camp, promising a multi-faceted five-week experience in city Kingston, with emphasis on fostering creative expression, perfect for holidaying children from the nursery level all the way up to Grade 6. Planned fun activities range from popular sports and robotics to the performing arts and sign language. Email or call 978-0990 for details, including weekly rates and their early-bird special.

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