Sunday, 9 June 2013

GRAPHIC DETAILS: Matthew McCarty delights in creating provocative, street-wise art

SAY IT LOUD: McCarty, standing next to one of his New Jamaica pieces.

Encompassing a vast and diverse range of forms and techniques and voices, the 2013 Final Year Exhibition at the Edna Manley College's School of the Visual Arts grants viewers an eye-opening window into the minds of the impressively gifted young artists whose works are on view, through June 30.

Particularly interesting is Matthew McCarty's "New Jamaica," a visceral and attention-grabbing piece of social commentary that fuses street art with vintage Jamaican iconography and graphic details to create a stellar showcase. Like many of his colleagues, McCarty finds pleasure in provoking thought with the subversive appeal of his work. 

"It's interesting how people have been interpreting the pieces," say the 20-something year-old, who has been displaying his work in public spaces, like Cross Roads, for months. "I love fusing old ideas with new ideas in a Jamaican aesthetic to comment on pop culture and current affairs." 

And he's just getting started, promising that his New Jamaica crew will be rolling out freshly done works in the coming months -- steeped, of his course, in his challenging view of our complex society.

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