Sunday, 16 June 2013

KING OF SUMMER: His career is hotter than ever, but what's next for the prolific I-Octane?

HIT MAKER: All eyes on the top-flight entertainer this summer.

Racking up the hits and endorsements, admiration from his peers and a widening fanbase, I-Octane keeps on rolling. The 25-year-old star has proven himself quite the prolific entertainer and the Jamaican dancehall's most valuable asset in years, whose carefully crafted tunes deliver the type of messages and melodies that easily resonate with listeners of all stripes. 

But now, as he prepares to step into the Reggae Sumfest spotlight as the closing act for Dancehall Night (a first for him), the question remains: What major move will he make next? Drop a new album? No comment as yet on the deejay's game plan, but rest assured it will involve kicking his Conquer The Globe campaign into overdrive -- and reaping the much-deserved fruits of his labour and obvious ambition. 

He's done it before and, in short, I think this year will represent a real victory lap for him. Perhaps equally important, his supporters hope he continues to do precisely what he's doing so wonderfully: write and sing about life in the most compelling and honest way possible. 

For the time being, as far as this summer goes, it's all eyes on I-Octane.

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