Friday, 21 June 2013

NESTING INSTINCTS: Counting down to her special delivery, Tami delights in the 'miracle' of mommyhood

BABY ON BOARD: "I'm just excited about being a mother." 

Tami Chynn is, as they say, feeling the love. The baby love, that is. With just about a month to go before she delivers her first child, a boy with musician beau Wayne Marshall, the proud mom-to-be is beside herself with glee. "I'm excited," she confides over the phone on a balmy Thursday afternoon in Kingston. "But I wish I could be pregnant for a while longer. I'm gonna miss it." 

As it turns out, the pop-dancehall star has grown so fond of having a life form taking shape inside her that she's become somewhat attached. Perfectly understandable. "I just love the whole idea of having a life within me," she confirms. "I can really see the miracle in it. But the bonus will be having the baby here when he arrives, so that's something to look forward to." She emphasizes: "I'm just excited about being a mother." I want to know if she's already picked out a name for her son. "I do," she replies immediately, before adding, "but I'm not revealing it just yet." 

Besides the growing tummy and the occasional urge to throw up, not to mention the surge in appetite, one thing pregnant mothers cannot escape: the advice-givers. "I have a lot of friends who are new moms who've been giving me tips," Tami says. "They tell me to just take everything in my stride and approach it in my way." 

For Tami Chynn, this summer marks the commencement of a thrilling new chapter, to say the least. Alongside the ever-supportive husband (as if he has a choice!) she's getting the nest ready for baby. Career-wise, as one could expect, the singer has pretty much pressed pause. "I've put things on hold for a sec because I feel that what I'm doing is entering a whole new realm, and I want to give it my full attention," she tells me. "Who knows, maybe this baby will inspire some tunes. But we'll see. I'm not putting him under no pressure."

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