Thursday, 13 June 2013

ON THE RECORD: Della Manley on being a proud mom and taking it slow musically

FACE VALUE: "I'm enjoying other people's music and interpreting it my way."

Della Manley's pair of acclaimed albums -- 2005's Ashes on the Windowsill and the 2008 follow-up Barbican Square -- which spawned such hits as "Bittersweet" and "I Know", easily won over listeners with their soothing, introspective sensibilities and breezy, back-porch appeal. 

Five years on, her loyalists are clamouring for more, more, more. But, as the singer-songwriter-guitarist explains, she is no creative rush these days to put out another CD. As it turns out, she's chiefly interested in doing more live performances. "Right now I'm working in hotels, which I'm really enjoying," she tells TALLAWAH following a performance Wednesday at Eden Gardens. 

In recent months, she reveals, she has recorded and released bits of new material, currently available for purchase online. "I also did some covers and more reggae," she says. "I'm enjoying singing other people's stuff [but] everybody keeps asking me when I'm gonna do another album." Naturally. Well? "Honestly, for the time being I'm enjoying other people's music and interpreting it my way." 

Asked what she considers her most cherished role to date, she hastily responds, "Being a mother. My girls are growing up wonderfully. I'm just so proud of them. They're great."

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