Sunday, 23 June 2013

SOUND BYTES OF THE WEEK: Prof. Susan Davis calls for 'home and abroad' unity + Tanya Stephens sounds off on the perks of Rising Stars + Asafa Powell vows to keep the faith

"It is very frustrating to know that I didn't get to finish in the top three, but that is how it goes. I have to just work on it and try to come back. I am not race fit and I just have to work on it.... I just have to think positive; I really can't let this get me down. I just have to go back to training, go to Europe and compete." -- Sprinter Asafa Powell on his disappointment over missing out on a place on Team Jamaica for the Moscow World Championships 

"We have expertise in the Diaspora, willing, able and waiting to assist in many areas for national development. Let us make this happen. This is a borderless Jamaica. We want to help because this is where our hearts are, and we need to get away from the 'them and us, home and abroad mentality.' We must focus on our students, the young people. That is our goal, and it doesn't matter where the help is coming from." -- Professor Susan Davis, member of the US Diaspora Board, addressing the recent 5th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference in Montego Bay 

"It's pretty cool to be able to affect the process of renewal in the music. If there's a phenomenal artiste being born from the competition, I get to be part of his or her development. That is an honour.... The platform that the competition provides isn't available anywhere else. Artistes go from being completely unknown to having the biggest audience in the country. What they do with that opportunity is entirely up to them." -- Tanya Stephens on the best part of judging Digicel Rising Stars' Season 10

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