Friday, 12 July 2013

ART AND LIFE: Raine Seville delights in the thrill of motherhood and making music

HIT GIRL: "Working with established artistes shows that they appreciate your talent."

With a big birthday on the horizon and hot new music about to hit the charts, Raine Seville is relishing her latest career high. TALLAWAH rang up the fire-starter to talk about collaborating with Beenie Man, why motherhood is her biggest inspiration, and, oh yes, that popular Bugle single. 

TALLAWAH: You have a major birthday celebration happening later this month. How exciting. 
Raine: (Laughs). I am superexcited about it. The event we're having is called Posh, and it's actually the second anniversary. (Promoters) Lawless Events have a very good fanbase, and they approached me with the idea of doing the party in partnership with Smirnoff. My birthday is actually on the 25th, but we're having the party on the 27th [at Club Privilege]. 

You recently scored a pair of collabos -- "You Choose" and "Khaki" -- with Beenie Man. How important is it to team with more seasoned and prolific musicians in the industry from time to time? 
It's very important, especially if you're a young and up-and-coming talent like myself. Working with older and more established artistes shows that they appreciate your talent and introduces you to their fanbase and a wider market. And it also increases the awareness about you. When I did the song ["Sekkle Dung"] with Konshens, Beenie heard it and approached me about doing the singles. 

How is life at home in Mommyville these days with your three-year-old daughter? 
It's very good, but now that my career is at another level, things are actually getting a bit more hectic, so family members have been helping me to take care of her. Being a mother really motivates me and inspires me because my life is no longer just about me, and that in itself pushes you to work even harder. 

Let's switch gears for a second. How do you respond to the chatter that your ex Bugle's hit single "Nuh Compatible" is a musical take on your former romance? 
People have been speculating for some time now about the song, but the best person to talk to about that would be Bugle. I really have no comment where that is concerned. 

How are things between you guys? 
Well, we share a child together, so on the parental side, things are good. 

So all's fair in love and music? 
I guess. (Laughs).

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