Monday, 22 July 2013

BEAUTY AND BITE: Meeting the demands of her challenging job, Lisa Hanna toughens up

FRAME OF MIND: The embattled minister leaps to the defence of her ministry.

It says a lot about the rigours of Jamaican politics to elicit a stark and sometimes startling dimension to its practitioners, particularly folks we'd long grown accustomed to regarding a certain way. Not that we're any less enamoured of her, but youth and culture minister Lisa Hanna is fast proving that she's got some serious bite to back up those great gamine looks and that regal air of polished sophistication. 

As you've all heard (or read) by now, Hanna bristled and came out swinging last week at Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ), following the posting of an online video and petition as part of the group's campaign to bring an end to what it calls the state's harsh treatment of juvenile girls remanded by the courts. 

In a sternly worded response that caught many by surprise, Hanna fired back at the JFJ, labelling their actions as "disingenuous, dishonest, dangerous, and clearly designed to damage the reputation of the country." 

It goes without saying that Hanna possesses the requisite smarts and drive -- and the ultimate role model in PM Portia Simpson-Miller -- to efficiently run her ministry, a job that is obviously growing more complex and challenging. Still, Hanna shows no signs of folding under the strain. A shrinking violet she is not. Far from backing down, she is up for the next fight.

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