Tuesday, 16 July 2013

CHAT 'BOUT: Potent quotables from Natalie Neita-Headley, Asafa Powell's mom, Laura Butler, and Andrew Holness

"As a government we have to adhere to the rules governing the notification of athletes whose 'A' samples have returned adverse analytical findings following testing at the National Junior and Senior Championships in June.... We stand by all our athletes and value the significant contributions they make toward engendering national pride. However, as a country, we reiterate the importance of integrity in sport, fair play, and the maintenance of a doping free sporting environment." -- Minister with Responsibility for Sport, Natalie Neita-Headley, issuing a statement in the wake of five Jamaican athletes testing positive for banned substances

"This is like a recitation; I always tell him, 'Don't even trust yourself. Don't take anything from anybody. Don't eat from anyone.' I really feel it in my heart. But still I put my trust in him that he would not have done that. It must be that something went wrong." -- Asafa's mom, Cislyn Powell, on her shock over her son's adverse analytical sample 

"All it takes, many believe, is to get a group of girls together, run them through their paces and select a winner. It is so much more than that. What the public sees is a small portion of what is required to effectively stage the pageant." -- Miss Jamaica World franchise-holder Laura Butler on the rigours of putting on the beauty competition

"I want you to watch this current Minister of Education and this current government.... and see what results you are going to get. Because when you start to demoralise teachers, you just need to have an even 10 percent of them saying they can't bother. Teaching is not an easy job." -- JLP Leader Andrew Holness on the latest difficulties facing Jamaican educators

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