Wednesday, 24 July 2013

CHAT BOUT: Sound bytes from Lisa Hanna, Yohan Blake's manager, UWI's Dr. Archibald Gordon, and Bruce James

"Whilst the adverse analytical findings are unfortunate and disappointing, [MVP Track Club] continues to stand by and support Sherone [Simpson] and Asafa [Powell] during this time, and we will be following the developments in this matter closely and will endeavour to support and protect the rights of these two great athletes so as to ensure a fair hearing for them and a just resolution of the issues involved... I met with both athletes since their return to Jamaica, and they have advised me that they have requested that their 'B' samples be tested and they have retained legal counsel." -- MVP Track Club President, Bruce James, voicing the club's stance on embattled Olympians Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson 

"The reality is that we need to do more in [making a more direct contribution to the development of Jamaica] and that will be our main focus.... We certainly need to be doing the kind of research that can provide the government with not just theoretical solutions but also practical solutions." -- New UWI Mona Principal, Dr. Archibald Gordon, on improving the school's contribution to nation-building 

"We have always been about quality not quantity. [Yohan] Blake is not a regular athlete; he is a Ferrari, and we are not going to put him on track unless he is going to give the 100 percent that everyone is accustomed to." -- Yohan Blake's manager, Cubie Seegobin, on the sprinter's truncated season 

"While we are still going through periods of economic challenges, we are very clear that as a country, our people and our youth in particular, must have cultural outlets for expression, contemplation, relaxation and celebration... We want [the Independence gala] to be youth relevant, and exciting in design, execution and style, referencing some of our modern and contemporary theatre art forms." -- Culture minister Lisa Hanna revealing big plans for Jamaica's 2013 Independence celebrations

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