Monday, 15 July 2013

NEWS & NOTES: National ban on public smoking takes effect + GSAT's top boy and girl earn hefty Scotia scholarships

TO YOUR HEALTH: It's official! Jamaica's health ministry officials on Monday kicked off their national campaign against smoking in public places, hitting the corporate area streets to distribute bumper stickers and fliers. It remains to be seen, however, just how soon the campaign will take root. Among the places where the smoking ban now takes effect are: all enclosed places, public transportation, workplaces, government-owned and occupied buildings, educational institutions, and places of collective use, such as bus stops. In announcing the ban a few weeks ago, health minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson emphasized that the measure was being put in place as a means of protecting public health. 

WHIZ KIDS: This week the national spotlight is also on a pair of brilliant young Jamaicans: Mark Brown of St. James' Chetwood Memorial Primary and Latanya Clayton (Kingston's St. Jude's Primary), the top performing boy and girl in this year's Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT). Quite deservedly, the brainy tweens will both receive Shining Star Excellence scholarships (valued at $205,000 per year) from the ScotiaBank Foundation in aid of their upcoming high-school studies. While Clayton will enroll at St. Andrew's for Girls, Brown is heading off to Cornwall College.

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