Sunday, 14 July 2013

SCENE & HEARD: Claudette Powell + Oliver McIntosh + Dennise Williams + Warren Strifling + Tahnida Nunes

GETTING A GRIP: July 10, Trinidad. The swanky Hyatt Regency Hotel in the twin-island republic was the setting for last Wednesday's signing of a partnerhsip deal between CNNi and SportsMax TV, which will be representing the news channel in the region and garnering ad sales for the CNN network. Sales manager Warren Strifling (left) flashes a bright smile as he shakes hands with President/CEO of SportsMax, Oliver McIntosh(Photo: SportsMax TV)

HOT SPOT: July 10, Kingston. A buzzworthy club opening always brings out the party crowd. Wednesday's debut of the XS Lounge, dubbed the first all-night drink inclusive club, located at the Liguanea Post Mall, drew appearances by the likes of radio's Claudette Powell and friends, who certainly made the dancefloor their own. (Photo: Ishango Photos)

BAG LADY: July 12, St. Andrew. Talk about making an entrance. Digicel's Tahnida Nunes cuts an uberstylish figure as she arrives at the Fabulous, Fashionable and Financially Focussed ladies conference at the Terra Nova Hotel on Friday. Truly a vision. (Photo: Ishango Photos)

FINE COMPANY: July 12, St. Andrew. Finance maven and journalist Dennise Williams (left), the brains behind the FFFF event and TV J's The Daily Dollar, greets the camera alongside Nunes and a younger gentleman, who was obviously welcomed into the feline mix. (Photo: Ishango Photos)

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