Saturday, 6 July 2013

SOUND BYTES OF THE WEEK: Potent quotables from Damion Crawford, Ronnie Thwaites, and Caricom's Irwin La Rocque

"If our children are able to be sufficiently literate at Grade 4, then so many other things will follow. You get better results at Grade Six; we get much better results at CSEC, and it saves us not only the tremendous amount of wasted efforts, it eases the frustration of our teachers and school administrators, who have to cope with the deficiencies in reading and maths." -- Education minister Ronald Thwaites on the long-term gains of fostering literacy in children 

"The same reality that drove the founding fathers to sign that treaty 40 years ago impels us now. Let us recommit ourselves, each and every one of us, to ensuring the success of a Caribbean Community that provides a safe, secure, viable and prosperous society that is the envy of all." -- CARICOM Secretary General Irwin La Rocque on the regional body's legacy and 40th anniversary 

"We are trying to have Kingston designated as a creative city, and if we can show that reggae emanated out of Jamaica, especially out of Kingston, it will contribute to having Kingston being seen as a creative city... Reggae fits perfectly in designation, and we are going for reggae, dancehall and ska." -- Junior minister for Tourism & Entertainment Damion Crawford on securing Jamaica's musical brands under the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage

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