Sunday, 14 July 2013

THE SHAPE OF THINGS: Kamila McDonald on getting that rock-star physique -- and her new fitness series

CURVES AHEAD: "My aim is always to get in the best possible shape."

These days Kamila McDonald is giving fresh meaning to the phrase "a fantastic body of work." And now she's got the hardware to back it up. The 20-something TV hostess, personal fitness trainer, and former Miss Jamaica Beach Beauty winner recently sashayed her way to first place in the bikini category of the Jamaica Body Building Championship. 

Known for her taut frame, luscious locks and ample curves, McDonald, a self-professed workaholic and fitness/shape junkie, is happy the diligent efforts are bearing fruit. "I trained for about 15 weeks," she tells TALLAWAH, calling by phone. "And, let me tell you, it's not very easy. It's probably one of the hardest things I've ever done. There's a whole science to it. The body is really a miraculous thing." 

The annual pageant, held at the end of June at the Girl Guides headquarters, offers the kind of fun challenge that McDonald welcomes. "These kinds of pageants help me keep my body in check and keep me on my toes," confides the mom and wife (of singer Jah Cure), who has admitted to struggling with weight issues in her teens. "My aim is always to get in the best possible shape. It's rough but it pays off." 

And now she wants to share her secret formula with the wider public, with a series of fitness videos currently in production. "It's a series within the Caribbean context," she says, "and they're gonna be available online soon."

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  1. I like Kamila very much, I learned of hear while researching things about Jah cure one of my favorite artist. I truly think she's a great woman and an inspiration to many of us. I will continue to follow her in all her great works.