Sunday, 21 July 2013

WHAT MICHAEL KNEW: A compelling new book pays tribute to Michael Manley's foresight and legacy

A PLACE IN HISTORY: The late Jamaican leader in his heyday; Below: Franklyn presents a copy of the book to a rep from the National Library.

"What impelled Michael Manley was a fire lit by passion against injustice, which sometimes threatened to burn him and others around him." So observes Dr. Barbara Gloudon in her contribution to Michael Manley: Putting People First, a newly published compilation of scholarly lectures given since the start of the Michael Manley Foundation's Annual Lecture Series, and assembled by foundation chair Delano Franklyn for his eighth book. 

Drawing on brilliant papers by the likes of Dr. Stephen Vasciannie ("Jamaica and the World: Aspects of International Law) and daughter Rachel Manley ("Quest for a Caribbean Voice"), Franklyn's book -- launched last Tuesday at the Mona Visitors' Lodge -- aims to illustrate just how profoundly Manley's vision, policies and philosophies speak to present matters of local and global import. 
Regional leaders like St. Lucia's Dr. Kenny Anthony, hold fast to the belief that Michael Manley, who served as Prime Minister of Jamaica between 1989 and 1992, was a man ahead of his time. "Manley's insistence," says Anthony, "on the need for self reliance has been fully vindicated."

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