Tuesday, 20 August 2013

ARTS BEAT: Walcott dramatizes a storied piece of art history + A new bio illuminates Lara's legacy

Dreaming in Colour: Derek Walcott's lates play, O Starry Starry Night 
Seeing that he is currently based in the United Kingdom, Derek Walcott hosted the world premiere of his latest play O Starry Starry Night at the University of Essex, where he works as professor of poetry. But earlier this month (on August 8), the new work had its Caribbean debut in the Nobel Laureate's native St. Lucia, inside the famous Samaan's Park. A tribute to art's most storied pair, Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, the play considers the time the duo spent together in Arles, France in the late 1800s. A fresh dramatic work from the master scribe is cause enough for celebration, but throw in such a fascinating premise and Walcott has on his hands arguably the buzziest piece of (international) theatre to come along in months. 

Pitch Perfect: Brian Lara -- An Unauthorized Biography by James Fuller 
Chronicling his ascension from Trini star batsman to West Indies legend, a new book asks readers to think of Brian Lara among the greatest players to ever set foot on a cricket pitch. Given his impressive resume and record-shattering performances, the cricketer easily finds ranking in the pantheon of the Caribbean's all-time greats. In factually spinning the Lara story (including his early years as a prodigious talent growing up in Cantaro), Fuller reminds us that, very much like Jamaica's Courtney Walsh, Lara has left an indelible mark on the gentleman's game.

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