Tuesday, 27 August 2013

EDITOR’S PICKS: What’s inspiring Tyrone in culture this week

SONG: Damian Marley and Sean Paul’s “Riot” 
It was only a matter of time before Junior Gong and Sean Paul joined forces. Personally, I always wondered how they’d sound together on a track. On the riveting “Pilot”, the Grammy-winning Jamaican heavyweights trade rhymes over a slinky beat as they cast a keen eye over the sociopolitical landscape, revealing the heart and mind concerns they have for their society, particularly the plight of impressionable youngsters. And Marley aptly summarizes the sentiment with the telling line, “Deal with the youth dem right or else a riot gwaan start.” >> Take a listen HERE.‎ 

BOOK: The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion 
Long regarded as a modern America’s pre-eminent memoirist, Didion evocatively chronicles her attempt to make sense of the weeks and months following the passing of her husband John Gregory Dunne, a fellow writer who suffered a massive coronary as the couple sat down to dinner the night before New Year’s Eve. At 227 pages, Didion’s book is an engrossing read, a stunning work of remarkable insight into grief and a fascinating portrait of marriage and family that also poses serious questions about life itself and where we might belong in it. 

DVD: Memoirs of Geisha, directed by Rob Marshall 
Three years after Chicago dominated the Oscars (including winning the coveted Best Picture prize), Rob Marshall helmed the acclaimed Memoirs, breathtakingly filmed and moving relating the tale of a shy young girl (played by the talented Ziyi Zhang), who rises from poverty to claim her place among the most talked-about geishas in Japanese history. Based up on the international bestseller by Arthur Golden, the film is an unforgettable feast of visual splendor, alluring art direction and magnificent storytelling.

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