Monday, 19 August 2013

FUNNY BUSINESS: Lady Rennae's Mek We Laugh animated series, TV's most hilarious new hit

LIVING LARGE: In this scene, a woman makes a phone connection with a police "affisah".

Lady Rennae is a woman on a mission: putting Jamaican comedy front and centre, even if it means bringing it into our living rooms, which is precisely what she's doing with the recently debuted Mek We Laugh cartoon, a laugh-out-loud late-night animated series featuring sketches and segments that not only tickle the funny bone but reminds you that there always some measure of truth in jest.

Part of the show's appeal is the pooling of top Jamaican comedic talents (namely Donald 'Iceman' Anderson, Pretty Boy Floyd), whose appearance in anime seems to only heighten the sting of their jokes.

Though it ended all too quickly, the half-an-hour pilot was a laugh riot, with rib-tickling sketches involving, for instance, a rowdy Jamaican woman's "altercation" with a soda machine, a pair of gangster mutts holding a reasoning, and a hot-seat appearance by Grammy Kid Shabba Ranks, perhaps dancehall's most ideally cartoon-worthy figure, given his hyper-energetic style and uber-colourful way with words. Tyrone's Verdict: B+

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