Wednesday, 14 August 2013

IN OUR TIME: A Letter from the Editor

The concept of age is a subject that emerges with incredible regularity in TALLAWAH, particularly in interviews with the diverse and dynamic personalities we tend to feature each month. So it should come as no surprise that this month's cover story, "Juliet's Heart" not only pays tribute to the remarkable (and still superfit) Jamaican sporting icon but also effortlessly zones in on how she's living her life on the cusp of 50. 

As you probably know by now, Juliet Cuthbert tied the knot this past June with longtime beau Levaughn Flynn (almost 20 years her senior), and while she won't play the blushing bride, she does admit that life could hardly be more exciting. And why wouldn't it be, what with the man of her dreams by her side, a growing fitness business to keep her occupied, and her health and buoyant zest for success firmly intact.

Culture doyennes Jean Small and Pat Ramsay are also among the featured subjects this month, and they, too, couldn't be happier with where life has brought them -- and is poised to take them in the future. In the case of Ramsay, all the way to the Harvard University campus.

On the more youthful side, we also sat down with noteworthy, under-25 rising stars in culture: TV host-cum-actress Pepita Little and Quilt's Rayon McLean (now a director of growing repute) who never fail to impress with whatever buzzworthy new project they choose to align themselves with. This August, it's the stage production Internet Affair (opening on the 16th), and like most theatre regulars I'm intrigued to see how the play turns out.

Like their (much) older contemporaries, both McLean and Little seem to understand the power of art that is not only thought-provoking and rich in entertainment value but also reflective of the times in which we as Jamaicans now live -- an age that will certainly be defined by our dominance in global athletics and the enrichment of a culture that continues to enthrall the world.

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