Sunday, 4 August 2013

MELLO GO ROUN' 2013: 7 Best Moments from the celebratory, electrifying showcase

DUBBED "Mello Mania," this year's Mello Go Roun' extravaganza brought an explosion of performing arts euphoria and expression to the grounds of the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre on Emancipation Day, featuring dynamic, highly energetic and entertaining highlights from the realms of drama, dance, speech and music. Below, the seven best moments caught on camera: 

Damian Marley's robust reggae hit "Exodus" accompanies "Rebelation," a rousing modern contemporary dance work from these Ardenne High students, who stayed true to the idea of "Celebrating Jamaica: Triumphant, Proud and Free." 

The acclaimed Glenmuir High School Choir sizzle pop-style with their mature, engagingly choreographed rendition of "Survivor," a mix of conscious, original lyrics and popular dancehall anthems steeped in empowerment messages perfect for these trying times. 

With their adorably cutesy outfits and precocious vocal delivery, Little London Primary's all-girls dub poetry ensemble win over the crowd with a humorous piece called "Bubbles and Clips." 

Ardenne High's lively RD Drummers bring stirring African rhythms to the night's opening segment (Parading), proving their instrumental deftness with drums and kegs alike. 

The sparkling, stylishly designed costumes set the tome for Buff Bay High's elegant ballroom quadrille piece, complete with curtsying, fanning ladies and dapper, accommodating gents. 

Representing St. James' Mount Alvernia and Cornwall College Singers, this pair of capable belters hit a few golden notes with their Yam Medley, a suite of catchy and enjoyable folk tunes. 

Bringing the concert to a dizzyingly jubilant close, the seasoned Tivoli Dance Troupe provides a kaleidoscopic flourish of riotous colour and blitzy movement, culminating in a spirited curtain closer.

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