Tuesday, 20 August 2013

NOT IN THE MOOD: A world-famous magazine editor shares her story of putting her sex life on pause

SOPHIE'S CHOICE: The noted Frenchwoman writes of her 12 years of abstinence.

"Her depiction of celibacy isn't prudish or dry, but lush. She isn't shy when depicting either her previous affairs or her current erotic fantasies... and her frankness keeps the books from straying into polemical territory." That's the wry assessment, by Kirkus Reviews, of The Art of Sleeping Alone (Scribner), in which Frence Elle Editor Sophie Fontanel opens up about her brave decision to give up sex after 27 years. 

Clearly, Fontanel's book (which made its debut on this side of the world earlier in the summer) is an ideal read for anybody who has chosen to -- or wants to -- do things a little differently and is in the market for a tome that invites you on a soul-searching odyssey. It's an idea that, surely, resonates with Caribbean women of all stripes. 

Though you'll have to pick up a copy of the 160-page memoir for all the between-the-sheets details, Fontanel, hailed by her peers as a vivid and engaging writer with a gift for clarity and flair, muses inspiringly about what it means to find happiness and fulfilment on your own. 

The book, which has already spent seven weeks on the bestseller list in France, also offers advice on romance and intimacy while challenging modern-day conventions on motherhood and marriage. 

Notes Vanity Fair, "Leave it to a Frenchwoman to convert even giving up sex into an elegant gesture."

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