Monday, 9 September 2013

BITS & PIECES: TALLAWAH dishes showbiz news and artist updates

GIRL ON FIRE: Fresh from a two-week Stateside tour, dancehall bombshell Michelle "D'Angel" Downer put in an appearance on Suzie Q's long-running music countdown show Video Alley on Saturday during which she dished on the successful tour and the upcoming movie she's starring in alongside veteran Jamaican screen actor Paul Campbell. "It was such a great experience. So much fun," D'Angel said. Her acting debut is definitely something to look forward to. Meantime, on Sunday it was on to Digicel Rising Stars to warm up the Huawei Chill Room alongside host Sanjay and rap with the top three contestants. 

HAVING HER SAY: Speaking of on-the-ball ladies, sharp-witted journalist Emily Crooks was this week's guest on Profile, where she spoke candidly and at length about her early years growing up in Westmoreland, excelling at Manning's School and later at university before going on to make her mark, working with the likes of Cliff Hughes. There was even mention (towards the end of the half-an-hour interview) of her home life with paramour Mark Shields ("We're very happy.") and the reaffirming of her resolve to make a solid contribution to the Jamaican media landscape.

JAMAICA'S GOT TALENT: With the latest season of Digicel Rising Stars swiftly drawing to a close (there are two more episodes to go), the producers of the hip talent series On The Verge are getting set to roll out this year's iteration, with islandwide auditions set for mid-September leading into October. Ce'Cile, Stacious and Dexter Pottinger will serve as judges while ZJ Bambino is returning as host.

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