Thursday, 12 September 2013

BOOK OF THE MOMENT: Iconic author Stephen King returns to bookshelves with Doctor Sleep

PAGE TURNER: King returns with fresh thrills and chills.

Celebrated horrormeister Stephen King (Joyland) resumes the narrative threads of The Shining many years on. Young psychic Danny Torrance has become a middle-aged alcoholic, bearing his powers and his guilt as equal burdens. 

A lucky break gets him a job in a hospice in a small New England town, where he uses his abilities to ease the passing of the terminally ill, he remains blissfully unaware of the actions of the True Knot, a caravan of human parasites crisscrossing the map in their RVs as they search for children with the shining (psychic abilities of the kind that Dan possesses), upon whom they feed. When a girl named Abra Stone is born with powers that dwarf Dan's, she attracts the attention of the True Knot's leader, the predatory Rose the Hat. 

Dan is forced to help Abra confront the Knot, and face his own lingering demons. Less terrifying than its famous predecessor, perhaps because of the author's obvious affection for even the most repellant characters, King's latest is still a gripping, taut read that provides a satisfying conclusion to Danny Torrance's story. Scribner; 544 pages; In stores Sep. 24.

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