Monday, 9 September 2013

CHAT 'BOUT: Potent quotables featuring Captain Horace Burrell, Lisa Hanna, and PM Portia Simpson-Miller

"I must say that I was pleased with the way the team played, especially in the back... The Panamanians threatened us throughout the match, but our defenders repelled the danger, and we kept a clean sheet... But at the same time we desperately need a win to put our campaign back on wheels, and we didn't get it. So I was disappointed that we didn't score goals because that's the only way you can win football matches." -- JFF President Captain Horace Burrell on the Reggae Boyz recent World Cup qualifier in Panama

"Come to Jamaica and come sit with us, and let us have a reasonable discussion on what is happening... It's the same message to the local groups. Come and sit and talk with us." -- Youth and culture minister Lisa Hanna addressing criticisms during a recent media forum in Kingston 

"During this difficult period I will do everything that is possible to ensure that we protect the interest of the poor and the oppressed because it has always been part of the PNP's administration, and under my leadership it will be no less." -- PM Portia Simpson-Miller speaking at a Region 6 banquet in Montego Bay to mark the 75th anniversary of the People's National Party

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