Wednesday, 4 September 2013

CHAT 'BOUT: Sound bytes of the week, featuring Marlon King, Sir Patrick Allen, and the JLP's Audley Shaw

"[The JLP] is too male-dominated; we need more women candidates at all levels, parish council and constituenccy level. We need to include more women and more young people." -- JLP leadership contender Audley Shaw addressing the need for greater gender balance among party representatives 

"I was asked to come out of retirement, and it's a new set-up and we are trying to move forward to try and have a chance to qualify for the World Cup 2014... What has gone is in the past, and there is no point in discussing what is in the past. It's time to move forward now. Negativity just takes up too much time and energy." -- Ace striker Marlon King on his Reggae Boyz comeback 

"The selfless dedication, which is the hallmark of staff and volunteers all across the globe, the Order’s contribution to humanity, and the respect with which it is held internationally, makes this investiture all the more meaningful to me." -- Governor General Sir Patrick Allen on being invested with his second knighthood at King's House this week

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