Thursday, 26 September 2013

CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: A scene-stealing best friend rocks the house in Internet Affair

HOT SEAT: Williams (right) and Campbell sharing a couch scene.

The fireworks in Aston Cooke's highly entertaining cyberspace/domestic saga don't arrive until well into the second act - but not chiefly at the hands of leads Pepita Little and Brian Ray-Moore. Instead, Petrina Williams, a relative newcomer to commercial theatre, lets the sparks fly as the sassy-saucy Monique, leaping to the aid/defence of her more reserved bff Donna (Marsha Campbell) in a face-off against the other woman, deftly portrayed by Little.

Williams sends the crowd into stitches with her peppery delivery. Her Monique is the sort of ride-or-die sidekick you'd be glad to have your back. It's an intense character, too, much in the tradition of such previous Cooke creations as Terri Salmon's Shelly in Concubine and you meet one in practically every Tyler Perry movie - Tasha Smith's Angella leaps readily to mind.

If nothing else, women like Monique are the embodiment of the belief that life/love is a battlefield, so get your armour.

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