Tuesday, 24 September 2013

CULTURE BEAT: Carifolk Singers celebrate their 40th anniversary with an eclectic, rhythmic presentation

FEEL THE RHYTHM: Marking their 40th anniversary this month, the Carifolk Singers put on a fantastic concert season at the Little Theatre in Kingston last weekend, not to mention a commanding blend of voices giving wing to some of the most decadent folk and popular songs from the West Indian songbook, running the gamut from oldies ("Train is Comin' Baby", "I Hear Them Say") to island songs from Barbados ("Everytime I Pass", "Bromley"), Belize ("Ding Ding") and Guyana ("Sityra") to tunes for every season ("Dis Long Time Gal", "Rookombine" and "Yellow Yam"). Overall, the presentation spoke to the diversity of our culture with songs for all experiences and occasions; songs to greet, tell story, rock baby, work, have fun, court and dance. 

PLAY ON: The Philip Sherlock Centre's upcoming Eight by Ten Festival set for this weekend will featuring a cadre of new and established theatre directors, such as Michael Daley, Pierre LeMaire, Rayon McLean, Jean Small, Trevor Nairne, Suzanne Beadle, Jerry Benzwick and Fabian Thomas

CINE JAMAICA: The University of the West Indies is now offering a Level II course dubbed "Reggae Films: Screening Jamaica" at the university's Department of Literatures in English.

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