Monday, 30 September 2013

HIT PARADE: Joyful noise, splendid visuals highlight HoLung & Friends' Candles in the Dark

SING DE CHORUS: Performers in a scene from Candles In The Dark at the Arena.

When it comes to a Father HoLung & Friends presentation, it's a given that the sacred and spiritual will form part of the programme, but as tradition has shown, the fusion of diverse Jamaican sounds and Afro-Caribbean rhythms usually add flavour to balance the entertainment package. 

And that's precisely why their latest offering, The Greatest Hits: Candles in the Dark works so well, even in spite of the show's incredible length (it runs for well over 2.5 hours) and some technical/audio problem at the outset. 

For the most part, the presentation (playing on weekends at the National Arena through Oct. 13) delivers no shortage of lush choral harmonies, high-energy choreography and a dazzling visual showcase, thanks to Robin Baston's lighting wizardry and Denise Richards' terrific costuming. 

Whether exalting the miracles of The Messiah ("Jesus too the Blind') or celebrating the Ascension ("He Is Risen") or paying tribute to our unique island home ("Jamaica Jamaica", these are songs notable largely for their irresistible reggae-pop sensibilities while laden with amply inspiration, feel-good vibes and, on occasion, hand-clapping, toe-tapping danceability.

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