Friday, 6 September 2013

HOT TICKETS: Your guide to key upcoming cultural events and performances

HEART & SOUL: The local arts community lost a cherished friend with the passing earlier this year of esteemed musicologist Dr. Olive Lewin, who seriously helped to augment our appreciation of indigenous Jamaican folk music and founded the Jamaican Folk Singers in 1967. As they are about to enter their 2013 concert season, the troupe has announced that the shows (Sep. 13-15 at the Little Theatre) are being staged as a dedication to Dr. Lewin -- a most fitting tribute to an icon whose memorable contributions will inspire generations to come. 

SHOW STOPPER: Arguably the most popular and powerful stage musical of all time, Disney's The Lion King continues to hold audiences in its thrall the world over. Multi-talented Jamaican singers, dancers and actors are being invited to be part of the spectacle. Tryouts are scheduled to take place at the Little Theatre in Kingston on Sep. 15 and 16. For details, go to

COVER TO COVER: Among the most high-profile literary releases hitting bookstores this fall: The Signature of All Things (Viking) by Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert, who returns to fiction with her first novel in 13 years. Due to be published in October, the tale follows a nineteenth-century female botanist and her passionate affair with a mysterious artist, a painter of orchids... Perhaps equally anticipated is The Most of Nora Ephron, a 576-page collection of writings by the acclaimed screenwriter, playwright and essayist, who died last year at 71. Available Oct. 29 via Knopf.

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