Monday, 2 September 2013

IN MOTION: The Company Dance Theatre thrills at the Bank of Jamaica

TAKING FLIGHT: Dancers performing an excerpt from Wilson's "Arabesque".

The poised and graceful young dancers who comprise the Company Dance Theatre gave a rapturous lunch-hour concert at the Bank of Jamaica in Downtown Kingston on Friday afternoon. Full of spectacle, youthful vigour and rich, vibrant colours, the production was testament to not only the creative brilliance of Artistic Director and Founder Tony Wilson but to the timeless power of dance theatre to alternately transfix and transport. It was sheer magical delight.

The hour-long performance offered a preview of the troupe's upcoming 25th anniversary season, which promises a refreshing and entertaining package if the seven pieces (five of which Wilson choreographed) we saw are any reliable indication as to how the season will play out.
Excerpts from the dynamic and spirited "Calabash" opened the concert, before making way for "Sparrow," a beautiful and simplistic solo by Leanne Hall. "Still Born," a subsequent solo by Renee McDonald, was marred by technical glitches in the sound system but, even so, McDonald managed to convey the dance's core concepts of struggle and pain.
Other highlights: the sensuous and rhythmic "Arabesque," a piece for a quartet of pairs; Michael Holgate's dizzyingly energetic and Afrocentric "Creole Blooming"; the acrobatic pas de deux "Consensus", rendered by Lia Chin-Yee and Steven Cornwall and set to a sprightly Oriental theme; and excerpts from the elastically choreographed and vibrantly costumed "Colours." 

The Company Dance Theatre's 25th anniversary season is scheduled for November.

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