Thursday, 26 September 2013

ON THE BALL: Phase 3 gets a kick out of taking local sports coverage to new heights

SHARP FOCUS: The production firm employs such state-of-the-art equipment as these Sony HXC high-def cameras.

For Caribbean people, Jamaicans especially, sports remains a unifying force potent enough to pack living rooms, sports bars and practically every other venue equipped with a television set or other form of audio-visual media. Phase 3 Productions, with its on-the-ball team (led by CEO/Creative Director Delano Forbes and Executive Chair Dr. Marcia Forbes) has smartly opted to use this knowledge in driving the company's vision forward.

"We made a strategic decision that going into sports would give us a competitive advantage," offers Dr. Forbes, seated behind her desk at the 30-year-old production company's Half-Way-Tree HQ. "So from about the mid-2000s we decided that that's what where we're going."

In spite of the challenge of The Recession, Phase 3's thorough coverage of large multi-camera events has distinguished them from the pack across the region. And that's thanks in part to the investment of of multiple millions of dollars (including cameras fetching US$50,000 a piece). "That was a big payoff for us," says Forbes. "We started getting work from overseas, working with people like ESPN circa 2010. For 2013 alone, it's been tremendous, especially having our camera crew merging with overseas partners."

So what's next? Growing the staff and evolving the approach to the work. "The strategic vision is being realized, but we're not there yet. We need to be constantly improving the technology that's essential for sports coverage," Forbes says, citing such products as the Flow Championship Cup, Red Stripe's Football Mondays, and the upcoming Under-17 CONCACAF Women's Championships among their events.

"So, yeah, we're optimistic based on the responses to what we've done and the level of commitment we have to growing the industry."

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