Monday, 9 September 2013

POISE & PASSION: Movements' Monica Campbell McFarlane relishes the thrills and challenges of putting on a show

LEADING LADY: "This is my passion," says McFarlane, photographed backstage at the Little Theatre on the weekend.

"The sheer rehearsals and the programme itself. Getting it all up to scratch and the choreography on an even level," explains Movements artistic director Monica Campbell McFarlane of the high points of putting together the company's just-concluded 2013 season, Rite of Time, seen at the Little Theatre in Kingston on the weekend. "There's always the need for that balance," she continues. "It takes mammoth coordination." 

As show organizers in the performing arts can testify, moving a production from conception to actualization demands countless hours of sheer focus and a team seriously committed to the task ahead. 

For McFarlane and co, this is certainly no exception. "Listen, you tear your hair out. Before I put on this dress, backstage I'm in battle mode," she quips.
But by all accounts, the effort was all worth it. The company's 32nd season was a major hit, steeped in the troupe's signature blend of technical rigour and visual spectacle, from the dazzle of "Bread of Life" to the emotional resonance of "Mothers of War ". 

"This is my passion," says McFarlane, who also runs an advertising firm, which like Movements, she started over 30 years go. "When I look back on how far dance has taken me, I just know it all worth was it."

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