Tuesday, 17 September 2013

WORD POWER: Aloun Assamba voices concern over the state of Jamaica's reggae industry

ON POINT: Assamba speaking at the recent UK launch of Global Reggae.

“My concern is that Jamaicans need to find a way to make money out of reggae. We need to make sure that for music that is created in Jamaica, by Jamaicans that everything is copyrighted and that it is operated as a business. Our musicians, our artistes, the people who develop the reggae, really ought to be the ones making money out of the reggae. That is not always so. I hope our performers, and our producers, will stop behaving as if they’re just doing a ting.” 

This coming from Jamaica's Ambassador to the United Kingston, Aloun Assamba, who was speaking at the recent London launch of the book Global Reggae, edited by UWI Mona's Dr. Carolyn Cooper. 

Global Reggae, published by UWI Press, features contributions by Erna Brodber, Peter Ashbourne, Roger Steffens, Clive Walker and Cooper.

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