Thursday, 24 October 2013

ALL JAMAICANS: Two creative geniuses on their work and the life artistic

GIVING THANKS: Adding to her impressive list of accolades, literary giant Lorna Goodison was on Monday presented with the Order of Distinction (Commander Class) for her decades-long contribution to Jamaican arts and letters. "I pride myself on reflecting certain things about Jamaica very well," she confessed in a recent interview. "I have turned my ear to the dialogue of the people. I am so grateful, so blessed that if I don't get one more thing in life, I am still grateful. When people come up to me in the most unlikely places and say how they have made a connection with my work, I am pleased and thankful that I made the connection." 

A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS: From provocative drama to rib-tickling comedy to farce, David Heron has always made a point of reminding us that he can perform (almost) anything. Up next for the multifaceted Jamaican stage and screen star is the demanding lead of Shakespeare's war epic Coriolanus for a limited New York engagement, starting at the end of the month. For Heron, it's Shakespeare with an ethnic twist. "The characters, storyline and Shakespeare's language all remain unchanged. However, the feeling of the tale will have a distinctly African flavour in its presentation and production values," Heron says of the show set to play Oct. 31 to Nov. 10 at East Harlem's Poets Den Theatre as the final main-stage offering of the Harlem Shakespeare Festival ( On being offered the lead after auditioning for a smaller part, he admits, "I was honestly petrified to accept it at first. It's so much larger than anything I've done. All you can do is dive in and give it everything you've got."

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