Tuesday, 15 October 2013

BY THE NUMBERS: Jamaica Bar Association super healthy at 40 + Sting promises best showcase yet for 30th anniversary

RAISING THE BAR: This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Jamaica Bar Association, the umbrella body that oversees a great deal of the legal profession in Jamaica. For current President Ian Wilkinson, it's a great time to be at the helm of a body that forms an integral part of the Jamaican judiciary. "The Bar is in its healthiest state ever," Wilkinson says, "and no doubt will continue to grow from strength to strength in the next 40 years and beyond."

BUZZ WORTHY: First staged in 1984, Sting has duly earned its rep as the biggest event of its kind, when it comes to Jamaican dancehall of the most intense varietal. To wit, Sting is set to observe its 30th anniversary come this December. "This is going to be huge; the production will be top-class," promises show financier and music-biz impresario Joe Bogdanovich, CEO of Downsound Records. "After this staging, Sting will never be the same. My partners and I are moving the show in a different direction. We intend to make it one great big party to remember. It will be a very significant event. Among the headliners reportedly set to appear at Jamworld on Boxing Day: US rapper 2 Chainz (who recently collaborated with Sean Paul) and dancehall legend Super Cat (above).

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