Friday, 18 October 2013

DANGEROUS WATERS: Tom Hanks shows steely resolve and grace under fire as Captain Phillips

TRUE GRIT: Hanks brings a real-life story to the big screen in powerful new drama.

What was supposed to be a routine voyage at sea for American captain Rich Phillipps (Tom Hanks) and his nimble crew quickly morphs into a life-and-death mission, when their vessel is hijacked by a gang of Somali hoodlums (they are referred to as "pirates"). 

Equally engrossing and horrifying, Captain Phillips is the kind of based-on-actual-events tale heavy on dramatic intensity and emotional heft -- and benefits from director Paul Greegrass' knack for riveting suspense. 

And when it comes to blending nuance and charismatic conviction, few leading men in Hollywood can match the larger-than-life Hanks, who delivers his strongest screen performance in years -- an awards-baiting portrayal of quiet decency and remarkable grace under fire. Tyrone's Verdict: A-

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